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Tribal Council Priorities

  • Improving Communication!

    Let us get the word out! We want to hear
  • Wellness

    Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies
  • Health & Sport

    Burns Paiute Tribe is committed to the health and wellness
  • Our youth are our future.

    Burns Paiute Tribe is dedicated to mentoring and guiding our
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Welcome to the Burns Paiute Tribe!

Looking for possible job opportunities? The Burns Paiute Tribe is always changing and expanding looking for new ideas and perspectives that could benefit the Tribe.

Tribal job and employment opportunities can be found at this link.

Check here!


Burns Paiute Tribal Live stream

We now have a youtube live stream account for events and meetings.

 Watch LiveSteam now.

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Tribal Latest News

Website Update


We will be updating our website through out the month of October and November. Please keep peeking in to see w...

Burns Paiute Tribe Test News


It's turning into a chilly October, Keep bundled up and be safe!

Departments Added!


We have added some information to the following Departments:   Police and Court Wadatika Health Clinic   ...


Tribal Council


Joe DeLaRosa /Tribal Chair/

City Council

Dean Adams /Vice Chair/


Tracy Kennedy /Secretary/

Public Advocate

Jarvis Kennedy /Sgt. At Arms/


Lucas Samor /Council member/

City Council

Shayla Barney /Council Member/

Tribal Council Member

Cecil Dick /Council Member/

Burns Paiute Tribe

Welcome to the Burns Paiute Tribe.


  +1 (541) 573-2088 Administration
  +1 (541) 573-1910 Tribal Council
  100 Pasigo St. Burns Or 97720

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