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"Preserving Our Wadatika Yaduan (Wadatika Language) for The People"

Our Wadatika Yaduan Language Preservation Project has captured the verbal pronunciations of 1000s of Northern Paiute words and phrases as spoken by the Wadatika Band of Northern Paiutes. Expert Northern Paiute Speakers within the community were interviewed by our tribal Language Technicians trained in digital recording technology. The digital language recordings are being used for a wide variety of software applications including a Wadatika Yaduan "app" that will be available for Tribal community language learning activities.  As we proceed, android tablets will be available for tribal community households to check out. The Wadatika Yaduan Language Team will hold a series of community language learning sessions; wherein students of all ages will meet to practice conversational Paiute. The games and activities incorporate use of conversational Wadatika dialect Paiute. They provide an opportunity for the tribal community to speak, learn, tech, and share our language.  These activities also encourage Wadatika Yadua at home. The games and lessons involve the whole community interacting and expressing our Wadatika Yaduan freely, lively, and vigorously: as it once was. 

The Wadatika Yaduan Language Project has made possible through the generous support of the MICA Fund. 


MICA FUND Pathways to Fluency Language Conference, December 2016


The Burns Paiute Tribe C&H Dept. acknowledges and is grateful for the continuing support of the Potlatch Fund for their mentor ship and financial support of our Language Assessment Project (2017-2018), and our Strategic Plan Project (2018-2019). The Potlatch Fund's guidance and support has allowed our newly established Wadatika Neme Yaduan Language Program to achieve development of a solid foundation that will allow for a sustained successful language program on the Burns Paiute Reservation.

Visit the Potlatch Fund page here:


Thank you to the Native Arts and Culture Foundation for providing funding for the 2018-2019 Building Our Wadatika Nobi Oral History and Language Immersion Project.


More to come soon!

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